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Welcome to our site, the internet home of JD Sales and Shooter Ready.  On the various pages, you can find data on our various services; the cast and swaged bullets we offer, some highlights of the other products we stock, an introduction to our training/instructional classes, a bit of information about our Indoor Firing Range and, especially important to our Club Members, a calendar of events for the Range.

So, who are we?  JD Sales/Shooter Ready is a company dealing in the many aspects of the Action Pistol Sports, such as IDPA, USPSA, ICORE and NRA (as well as others).  We offer firearms (pistols and long guns), reloading components (mainly through our retail side), own and operate an Indoor Firing Range, organize and operate outdoor matches as well as provide provide instruction for the beginner to the advanced.  The sales side of the business is JD Sales and the shooting activities go through Shooter Ready.  So, surf on, and make sure and stop by the "Contact Us" page to leave a comment.


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