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Cast Bullets

We offer a range of cast bullets for the most popular pistol calibers and in weights and styles most commonly used.  These range from 9 mm, 124 grain to the largest we offer, a 45 caliber, 255 grain.  

We no longer offer any cast bullets with conventional lube. 
We have joined the ranks of those going to the "polymer coated" technology by J and M Coatings.  After extensive testing, we have found this method of coating to be superior to any other method we have ever seen.  Consistent high performance and absolutely no mess in loading or firing are the two greatest benefits.  Cost remains the same.

The pictures below illustrate the old, lube filled bullets.  The profiles remain the same; however, the pieces you will receive have no grease lube and the bullets are encased in a polymer coating.  Pictures to follow ASAP.

On the "FAQ" page, you will find shipping costs and the quantities we can ship in a box.  Prices listed are per thousand (K) and we sell in minimum quantities of 1K. 

9-125-TC, $70/K           9-140-SWC, $70/K
                                     9-150-SWC, $70/K

38-130-RNFP, $70/K           Not Shown             38-158-SWC, $75/K         38-158-RN, $75/K
9-130-RNFP, $70/K        9-140-SWC, $70/K
                                      9-147-TC, $70/K    
                                      9-150-SWC, $70/K

40-170-SWC, $80/K      40-180-TC, $80/K

     Not Shown              
41-215-SWC, $90/K      44-240-SWC, $95/K

45-185-SWCSN, $80/K  45-185-SWC, $80/K    45-200-TC, $85/K      45-200-SWC, $85/K
                                                                                                           Traditional H&G #68

45-205-RNFP, $85/K    45-230-RN, $95/K         45-235-SWC, $95/K  45-255-RNFP, $100/K
Popular for SASS          Hardball Duplicate                                          Long Colt Favorite

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