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Tangfoglio/EAA Products

We are pleased to announce to all that we are now an authorized reseller for Henning Wallgren's line of custom products for the EAA Witness handguns.  Everything from springs to grips to firing pins are included.  Not only can we provide the products, we can also provide installation and tuning as well. A full listing can be found at Henning's website.  We are also trying to keep in stock some of the more popular EAA Witness Elite handguns.  As I am personally concentrating on USPSA Production class this year, if you want to give one a try and you see me at a match, come on over and ask to take a peek at what I might be using at the time. Most likely, it will be a Limited Pro, Stock III or Stock II, in either 40 cal, 9mm or 38 Super.
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