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FAQ--those things you really need to know but would just never ask
Alright, now to answer that burning question:  Why should I even think about shooting cast bullets?  Well, there are actually several reasons.  Let's start with the most obvious--COST!  Take a peek at the pricing and then consider just how much more you can afford to practice by lowering the cost of your reloads.  Next is accuracy.  Just take a look at the loads of the traditional bullseye shooter and most likely they will be topped by a cast or swaged lead bullet.  Why argue with success?  Pitch in the fact that your favorite barrel with last virtually forever shooting lead and, well, what else could you ask for?  Well, there is one more thing.  How about a 5% or so INCREASE in velocity with the same powder charge?  Or, let's put it another way: how about being able to decrease your powder charge by 5% and getting the same power factor?!?!?  That's a difference you can feel!

Smoke--one of the biggest reasons we switched to the J&M HiTek coating was the smoke that was created by the traditional bullet lube.  As that lube has been eliminated, that source is also eliminated.  Now, you are able to shoot, save money and not worry about that troublesome smoke associated with traditional lubed bullets.

Leading--no problem.  As we have changed to the J&M HiTek coating, leading is a thing of the past.

Match Schedule--typically, we drive to our matches and we sure don't mind hauling your order.  But, to make sure we have the products on hand, give us some advance notice, at least a couple of weeks.

Shipping--just like everyone else, the best bargain right now is USPS flat rate boxes.  We can ship 1.5K of 200 to 230 grain bullets, 2K of the 140 to 185 grain and 3K of the 125 to 130 grain bullets for $16.00.

Taxes--yep, gotta do it.  If we ship to Texas, we are going to collect 6.25%. 
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